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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 3, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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greg contain your excitement. that is it for us tonight. see you back here in 48 hours on "the five." special sunday ♪ >> welcome to "redeye". i'm greg gutfeld i'm known as the cleveland creeper. we new hair cut. what is coming up. >> with the election only a few days away. we'll take a look at latest news and make bold predictions. >> and chinese man sues his wife but did he win. shocking answer i gave away last night but we didn't get to the story. finally why are college campuses giving sources on civility. others say it's another example of elite socialists trying to drive their agenda to honest hard working americans.
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>> andy. i haven't heard about your cat. i don't know if that is true. ever since the storm we haven't heard from stormy. you pout weight. >> i would invite you check them out tonight but i know you have to catch the train. >> in this the last show before the election. i want to make it special. we may have a new president by tuesday? >> we won't. >> greg: that is true. go away. such a jerk. let's welcome our guests. look at her. she is so cute she is mistaken for a beanie baby. check out the website, the and jill. and zamboni i would ride him before and after a hockey game. a cultural news editor. and in seattle he is considered a coffee grinder.
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and he is so sharp they call him bernie, in the last minute filling in. and the executive producer imus in the morning program producer. >> and he missed his train, bernie says he i am going sit in? >> i was in the joint down the street and i was having a couple of pops. >> greg: you are so wasted right now? >> happy. i can say anything. >> greg: how is pops doing anyway? >> doing all right. >> marathon won't go on. and after insisting the marathon would take place this sunday, mayor announced hours ago that the 335 mile race would be scrapped. we went for a runner for comment but he would bore us to death.
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>> they are amazing people. >> greg: shut up. argued it was wrong many people had no power and struggling on to find food and water in the wake of sandy. the city was united in anger after they reported that two huge generators were running day and night to power a media tebt for the race and people that didn't have power were forced to leave hotel rooms to make room for incoming marathoners probably from other countries. indeed having a marathon was as dumb as this is the light bulb.
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wow. >> greg: i like that. all you ru thinking what about the hourgs and weeks that that guy did to do that dog do it. to put that dog through it. i'm voting libertarian. you were out raged the race was cancelled and you felt bad for the runners? >> i did. i think it should go on. we should have the st. patrick's parade on sunday. what the hell. why not. this guy didn't even visit staten island, michael bloomberg he is rich punk. i'm sorry he is callous and i think we should storm gracie mansion and get his stick on the head and run through the streets. >> greg: i have to disagree i don't think you were sorry about it.
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>> he wanted to have it manhattan for the 9/11 terrorists in manhattan. he has a pattern of this sort of insensitivity. it's not the first time. >> greg: he doesn't like regular people and he feels he knows better and very paternal like banning sodas. how is a big gulp more self-indulgent are than running 26 miles. all you are doing is eating fiber so you can run longer. >> carbs. >> greg: this then you complain and everybody has to put up with your 26 miles. how important it is. that is worse than big gulp. have you ever seen new yorkers so united in their opinion about the hatred for bill schultz? >> you mean the bloomberg one?
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>> greg: i think the marathon eclipsed schultz. he can relax for a bit. >> i was downtown when the lights were out and people were still talking about schultz. maybe the guy from hogan's heroes but john banner. >> greg: i know nothing. >> yeah, it's amazing it's heartening in some sense during the salt business and the soda business, the people that i talked to that were in the circle that has i know about, they are who are elbow people. they were thinking this is great idea. bloomberg is saving us from smoking. this is actually about times that new yorkers, mike bloomberg like he deserves it. >> this was mistake on his part. big events or like oscars or like your y are rehab when problems arise? >> not a bad idea.
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at least make the decision before today. i'm their shur there were hundreds that arrived in new york today and turned on their phones. the race i came over here just got cancelled. >> greg: there was a huge group of runners from some country but they were blocking the crosswalks. you know what this really is it's a war between the endomorph is won. ectomorphs are the skinny people. >> we both 17 magazine. body types. >> they are taking over. we have won a victory. chunky freaks like me. you ran a marathon? >> so this is where the venom is coming from? i won't turn the tables.
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you are a weight lifter. what does that entail. >> not anymore. >> i did one marathon about ten years ago let's use that. all you do is work out all day and pose in front of a mirror. marathoning every day of the week, the only people that wear tighter clothing is people that weight lift. >> when i was weights i do it in front of older men. there are know audiences, however when i am squatting over a mirror there are seven or eight men paying hundred to $200 to watch. >> no, that is called family. >> i watch it. i get on my treadmill and i pretend i'm running with them. once a year. >> i think i'm going back to the bar guys. [ laughter ] >> what the hell.
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>> bloomberg wanted to have this marathon, endorsement of president obama because who would have won the race, a kenyan. >> and i think the real victor is chris christie. my cozying up to president obama who recognized him, bruce springsteen. you know how bad he wanted to say, you are great mayor or governor -- whatever he is, city councilman -- finally obama by being with christie has made springsteen recognize him. >> you are buying into this plot that obama and christie conspire to sort of derail the romney campaign. this was sandy, the october surprise, manufactured by christie and obama to screw
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romney. >> iranian hostage crisis with bruce springsteen. >> all i'm saying. obama is next to christie it's like a biracial ten. [ laughter ] >> no, i'm joking. >> the critz at this thing. >> greg: christie doesn't have an ideological bone in his body. he does what he wants is there he was helping his people out. that is what he was doing. people on the light he was conspiring with obama, that is about helpful for homicidal that is like mahmoud ahmadinejad endorsing him. >> and they can't blame sanity did i on the anti-islam video -- i was talking to jill but let's talk about the elections.
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election day is just a year away and pundits. dick morris says romney will win in a landslide. new york times poll and they are betting on bam, short for barack. what about the electoral popular vote split? it could happen. that is what my pectoral captain hard shell and he is never wrong except for vietnam. if someone could make sense of it all someone like joe biden. >> there is never been a day in the last four years i've been proud to be his vice president. not one single day. not one single day. >> greg: he is national treasure and mitt romney is making a final push in swing states. and they released a tv ad that will get heavy play in ohio. day can a look.
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>> i'm mitt romney and aapprove this message. >> greg: as an entertainment reporter all you care about is bradley cooper's dating habits. are you aware of an election going on. i want your bre diction. who do you think who is going to win next year? >> i'm counting down the 355 days. i can't answer your question. i am a world-renowned journalist and i strongly believe journalists should not share who they are voting for. i don't even tell my husband. my parents keep calling me. make sure you vote.
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i'm going to vote for the other guy. they want me at the polls. they keep reiterating it's 355 days from now. >> greg: i can figure out by voegt who you are voting by asking you. are you voting for romney? >> maybe you should give me water to drink. >> greg: bill put something in there. you won't remember anything. is it possible that obama and romney could both win and split running the country on alternating days? >> it's happened in a number of times. in the united states in the 40s. fdr governed with grandfather's friend. nobody knows that. rick, an unknown rascal. no. it's like a beatles record not a herman hermit's record.
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obama is going to win. i think piling nate silver and all these people. it seems like he is right. >> greg: do you think it's close or not even close? >> i think it's close but not as close as lot of pundits are letting on. dick morris says it's going to be landslide for homicidal. i don't know what planet dick morris is living on. i just choose the opposite. i know he is friend of yours. >> greg: we go wai back, we lived in a camper for six years, it didn't work out. bernie, do you agree? >> now that governor christie has stuck his share in mitt romney it's going to be an obama landslide. i just wonder this nate silver came out of no one.
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not only is dork but degenerate gambler and probably not. i'm sure he does. [ laughter ] >> thank you for helping us. >> that was better. >> according to you, he is. >> taught me how to say things. >> does he x, not that he doesn't. >> and i've been doing this show for five years. >> great version of the journalist question. >> i think you use a period after that. >> all right. >> before i get to you bill, i want to bring in political correspondent mike, i think we have him here he usually covers
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this sort of thing. is he there. >> with just a few weeks before the election the race is really close. most polls show them splitting the national vote the battleground states favor obama slightly. here is obama and hire is romney. don't forget our old pal gary. and estimated 263 electoral votes 210 for romney. you know what this reminds me and this is like new hampshire. the fact that the election if romney can win states like ohio and colorado it could really draw them closer. think we'll see this race get closer and closer and closer and closer, so close you can -- whoa
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>> we're cutting that. to about 30 seconds. bill, you cut your teeth on the dukakis campaign. >> first of all i have to correct on that. i cut the teeth by saying the word dukakis and it was painful. you go with dick morris who wrote the column saying it's likes being on tv and you go to nate silver, who is usually right. and he is usually right. >> let me say something of nate silver. idea that he wants to make friends, he can actually swing any votes towards obama is ludicrous. in the business that you are in, it's not a good thing. why would he cook the books if he knows he is wrong. he is going to look like a slub.
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>> i was going to say that. >> he didn't steal your thunder. he made no sense at all. he is a flawed. dick morris is the world's greatest genius. i think he is adorable. we have great conversations. >> jill dobson and why she became a spokeswoman. but first, can you not do this story? yes, because we're doing the other story. so instead we'll do the other one. [ laughter ]
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♪ ♪ >> will the country burn if there is no second term? all right. let's start over here. ooflg radio host that if romney defeats obama that there will be mobs and bloodshed. he took a cue following hurricane sandy and claimed it was just a preview if obama loses the election. have a look at the rest of the rant. >> people out there saying governor romney is going to take all this away from us. governor romney is going to take away our lollipops. barack obama the election has been stolen from us. >> good to see john gibson and
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besides looting and bloodshed. what else can we expect? >> told you. gay marriage. there is a connection. gay marriage and kittens going into trashcans. predictions coming from both sides mostly from the left. i remember from twitter, if obama wins, it's baloney. >> i believe it's a bunch of crap. i don't believe the country is as polarized as it once was. i just don't think it exists anymore. we had a black president. this is not the 1960s or the 50s. and giving guys like this attention is giving attention of the new black panther party that consists of eight people. it amplifies something that really doesn't exist. that is the case with this guy.
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idiot who burns the quran and causes problems but they were just a minuscule number of people. >> greg: you have to fill the bucket with things that not matter. are we this polarized or just the polish people? >> i don't think so, but i do think, you could create something here. you could create a self-fulfilling prophesy. i'm starting to get angry. i am going to move the green room. >> i want you punch bill in the face. >> i have a new manager. maybe at the end of the show. >> greg: you were saying the green room you agree with everything that the evangelicals said. >> i edit his column. i don't want to take credit. speaking punching people in the
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face i would love to punch this guy in the face. there is reason for that. this is ridiculous. a lot of people are pumping this stuff. been on drudge and go to info wars which is not a real website but a website run by a lunatic but he yells a lot. chris matthews. what is the evidence of this? >> greg: it's like calculating twitter tweets that say they are going to kill you. there are 350 million people in new york alone, right? and five people that want to kill you. it's all garbage. >> i put as much stock that people are going to leave if a candidate doesn't win like canada. >> greg: one thing they see united on that all the stupid
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violence falls on your head. the fact is that everybody hates you means i don't need a question. hold on a second. >> hi, mom. >> yes, she hates you. >> the phone was not on. your phone is not on. i know that. >> that was the fake phone call. >> this guy, is back-up is that he said, look at the looting in new york. that is just a preview. considering what we've gone through the looting has been pretty minimal but he would never known that because he never been to the city. i would like to invite him and meet him on corner of 125th and malcolm x boulevard and have a lovely peaceful time. join me, won't you? >> there are people on the left and on the right that are talking about like an ending
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after this election, this is what happens. child doesn't get his first birthday. people get very emotional and life goes on. >> exactly. there will be hard feelings, but there won't be kind of like l.a. riot type violence. >> if only there was a guy, the kind of outrage that erupts when you get upset somebody named greg gutfeld. >> what does ignite do? >> he runs a talk show. >> you wouldn't be german, would you? >> no, i'm dutch. i've made a few in my time. i have a video of your animal doing something strange. go to"redeye". and vevy is coming up.
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>> we're sponsored by elvis. american cultural icon often to be considered the most influential musician of the 20th century.
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>> greg: we're back, if we got anything wrong so far, let's go to andy levy. >> good news.
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>> greg: what are you talking about. >> a buff. >> i don't know. he is canadian. >> he is moving. >> bernie you referred to mayor bloomberg as a rich know it all punk. i want people to know i am a huge fan of mayor bloomberg's but i have to agree you may have blown this one. >> he this had to cancel it. he didn't feel bad for the dead bodies recovered. he is humiliated because he had to cancel his marathon. he is park avenue clown, that has no feelings for the average person that suffering out. he hasn't been to the staten island or breezy point. so a rich punk. >> i don't think i understand
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how strongly you feel about it. other than all of that he has done a great job. i'm kidding. he is jerk. >> thank you. >> you noted that during the soda business you thought those were good ideas but bloomberg is awful but remember the winter storm back in 2010 when there were no plows on the street and he was in bermuda. >> that means basically they are going to think he is great again? >> everyone was saying at that time, it was christmas for me. this the end of his political career. >> and he started banning things. >> they said, okay, thank you, sir. >> do you think the way he does things he is right. he is extremely paternalistic. you don't know how to eat or smoke or drink or take care of yourself. i guess people are okay with
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that. >> people seem to like it. >> these are the same people that lament the so-called new york. it used to be great but i love you can't get fries after 3:00 a.m. >> i want more people to start pointing on the saturday before the storm hit, it's not going to be a big deal. >> is that true? >> people aren't pointing that out enough. >> they claim it's a bad viacra commercial. construction sites were inspected and sure enough they went. >> it happens to all the cranes. >> when i go by the crane i hear a great george thorogood songs.
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>> i don't care about that stuff. say, pooh pooh the idea that obama caused the storm with his weather machine. [ laughter ] >> wake up man. >> i told you i was having a couple of beers. >> you were at pops. >> and beat option elderly men. >> greg you said anti-muslim clerics blame on the video. i assume you mean muslim clerics. >> where did they learn that point. >> way to ruin my narrative. kenya. >> and jill you said journal it'sists shouldn't share who they are voting for. journalists shouldn't share who
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they are voting for? >> it's same sad state of affairs. >> it's two words, gary johnson. >> you said obama is going to win. i got it 275-263 obama. >> you do? that is exactly what i have it but i didn't say it as zbloud i'm 50-48 at obama vote. i'm looking at split. >> have you placed a wager on this? >> no, i just go to beting. >> nate silver, he was upgraded by the public editor by placing a $2,000 bet i guess he would donate to staten island to make it all okay. >> greg: and officially heard nate silver more than my entire life. >> bernie you asked who is nate silver. it's been more all of a sudden.
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he picked 49 out of 50 states. that is what made him famous. >> in fairness to andy i think dick morris did the same thing. >> i want to point out nate silver is usually right. but i want to point out, i know, i want to point out absolutely nobody will, in 2008 i got the electoral vote and republicans would gain in the house. >> but you are a nobody. >> are you on record. >> i did both on the show. they called me crazy. >> because it's "redeye", nobody cares. >> people call me crazy but not for that. >> and that was crazy. i predicted that. >> was it. >> no, it wasn't. >> everyone is wearing hamster suits.
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brian fischer post election riots. aren't you supposed to predict riots if your guy loses? you are not encouraging people to vote for your guy if he wins there is going to be riots. >> very good point. >> i predict riots every time a detroit team wins there. >> i don't know what that means. >> this island earth reference. come on people. >> why do we have to be as nerdy as you? >> you are the one. >> famous movie. >> you are masturbating the hummels. >> moving it in. >> your name on the show. michael, and what about alex
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jones? >> i couldn't remember his name. i covered the website to see what the chem trails. >> and he wanted you to punch bill in the face and you didn't. so i wanted to give you another chance. >> oh, yeah. >> i think my nose is a little crooked. >> i connected. >> can we edit that? >> greg: it's some kind of weird thing that didn't work out. >> you know why it was weird because bill enjoyed it. >> it wasn't violent or erotic. >> he maded a deadbolt to make it work. >> i have something else. >> famous removal. they call this kids don't do it
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museum. >> neil cavuto it's not like he ever cared. whicholleges are offering a course of civility. they used for something horrible.
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>> greg: not being cute. led to dispute amount chinese man, reportedly sued his wife for giving birth to an ugly baby neither he nor his wife were unattractive. they are laughing how i pronounced his name. he is the woman but they did resemble mommy before she spent hundred thousand dollars on
12:44 am
plastic. they were married under false pretenses and awarded him $120,000. >> anyway, the baby being fed. >> greg: by the way that was the new movie starring linda hunt. you don't know who linda hunt. she was the beauty and truly the beast. remember living dangerously? >> and linda hamilton.
12:45 am
>> linda hunt. let's focus on linda hamilton. >> you are seriously not an entertainment reporter. >> this is deceptive. you call it a bait and switch. i would call it a nate and switch. i said it so you couldn't say that. >> thank you for taking my line. i had that in my notes. i e-mailed that five hours ago. i do find the story fascinating. i would like my children to resemble me. that was my idea. don't get plastic surgery because if your child grows up a weird feature of yours, well mom is awesome. >> why not when your baby is born immediately have plastic surgery on the baby? why do you have to give up stuff. you brought the kid on the planet. >> you are totally right. >> i wanted to them all to look
12:46 am
like robert conrad. >> or behind did a hunt. >> and wild, wild west. >> robert cobmad. >> and made by ross martin and the little midget that later killed himself. >> do you remember michael dunne played the evil midget in wild, eyewitness wild west. i believe it was kenneth brana and guy you are talking about. he was delight. >> michael dunne, played the midget. is this story real or fake. >> it's like the sign in china 'if this is true. it is clearly not. there is no more after this.
12:47 am
but if it were true. >> i would say for you china needs tort reform in the worst way. >> the guy is yang fang and he got the hunk of chi. >> he can call on me. >> bill, the weird thing about bill. you had plastic surgery which means your spouse one day would be pleasantly surprised by your better attractive children. >> sadly the ugly as sin. i should have better taste in women. i love the sub text. this ruling could be bad for chinese women. i don't think so. when you got three chinese women
12:48 am
to every 3,000 chinese men. nothing is going to be bad for them. if she stayed as litigate for them. it would be in a land run by men. >> i don't know what means. maybe i don't want to find out. >> we're going to have another story we're going to do. stick around. we'll be back. ♪ ♪ you can help others along the way. ♪ ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> colleges and universities parental bad behavior. associated press report that schools across the country are responding by promoting more civility as a public health epidemic on par with meese will out briajs. at university of tennessee they have a civility committee for freshman orientation the time that you usually filling out you are going to sleep with. and mike i go to you first. why teach young adults how to act, just kick them out of
12:53 am
school. >> this is another fake story but it's not your fault. you went to the fake website. this is fake because there are fake people that make up epidemics like shingles and stuff but it's like people creating a problem because they have a solution for one. there is no problem for incivility. of course they are. they are in college. >> they are incivil and incompetent and incurable. >> is this really about the speech they are creating this issue so they can tell people what to think and not to think? >> it's told pcbs, how is that. it starts with mom when you are kid. kids are half animals, remember lord of the flies. time they geo college, wasting time to teach
12:54 am
kids civility is waste of time. >> it's lord of rings, not lord of flies. [ laughter ] >> it is lord of flies. lord of the rings is movie, lord of the flies is the novel. >>. >> linda hunt. >> forcing civility they are punishing civility makes it pointless. civility is something you should do on your own. >> hey, i wouldn't say it is punishment. those of us that know how to be civil we could get an easy "a". when i took broadcasting speaker and i had to speak like someone from middle america, it was easy
12:55 am
everybody is like it's an "a". [ laughter ] it really happens. i love you. but i appreciate it. this poor girl. it was like an hour long. >> what was wrong with her? >> it was like da. >> and i have a question for you. >> let's talk more about the class. >> we can talk to bill. >> i've never felt this way about ice before this way in in my life. we will have more coming up.
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note. >> few quick program notes, i'll see you back sunday for a special edition. no "redeye" monday or tuesday and brand-new "redeye" i hope will return wednesday. ♪ ♪ >> we really don't know. andy levy. >> you hope we return wednesday because if there is elections, not that the show is being cancelled? >> i'm assuming like, if it gets close we won't have a wednesday storm. >> i don't like ugly rumors. michael what do you got. >> stuff coming up with the daily beast. >> and big weekend plans. >> i'm going to reconnect with my friends. >> and who are you voting for? [ laughter ] >> andy levy. >> imus in the


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